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Re: [IP] re: awesome day/retinopathy

--- email @ redacted wrote:

> But then he asked if Iwas ready for surgery to have
> my cataracts
> removed.    
> WHAT????!?!?!!!!  WHOA!  SLOW DOWN DOCTOR!!!
> I had been previously told they were
> there, but at a very minor stage.  (I'm ONLY 44 yrs)
> I didn't know they
> had progressed to a point needing surgery.  He said,
> "No no, it's
> elective surgery.  If you can see to drive at night
> w/o the headlights
> being a problem, then wait."
 Only 44? Still young yet...when it comes to cataract
surgury.I don't think retinopathy and cataracts are
related much, because I had to have cataract surgury
in both eyes( 6 months after dx'd,at 17 yrs old)and I
didn't have any retinopathy whatsoever.It was rather
weird how it came about,one morning I just woke up
with one eye's vision 20/200 and within three days the
other one was like that too.Within a week they were
both 20/400.The docs said it was acute diabetic
cataracts,they came on so fast but they weren't really
related to slightly poor control.(a1c's around
8.3)Since it didn't improve,(and my bgs couldn't
either) they did surgury.They couldn't even see back
to the retina for any problems,they had to do surgury
first but the retina was fine.Cataracts can react
different ways in different people,and  its not always
related to control either.My advice is don't get it
unless you need it !        

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