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[IP] vision changes

> > But then he asked if Iwas ready for surgery to have my cataracts removed.
WHAT????!?!?!!!!  WHOA!  SLOW DOWN DOCTOR!!! I had been previously told they
were there, but at a very minor stage.  (I'm ONLY 44 yrs) I didn't know they
had progressed to a point needing surgery.  He said, "No no, it's elective
surgery.  If you can see to drive at night w/o the headlights being a problem,
then wait." Vision changes seem so gradual that I guess we adapt then think
nothing's different after a while. Loretta > >

I was told I had diabetic cataracts (diff. from *old-people* style) when I was
about 29. I didn't have them taken care of until '94. That's about 26 years of
developing them. As you say, Loretta, we adapt and don't really notice the
change. Those 3rd brake lights on some cars could make me sick to my stomach
due to the color and bright pinkness of them clashing with the red taillights.
The yellow-style street lights were like needles poking me straight in the
eyes. After the removal of the cataracts, those brake lights aren't really
that awful color; the yellowishness of the cataracts had distorted the color.
The street lights aren't painful anymore, either. White is now a whiter that I
didn't realize.

It kind of reminds me of when I got glasses when I was 9 y/o. I sat on the
couch and could actually see what was in the picture hanging on the wall. I
didn't know people could do that. I was so happy I was one of the *chosen* to
get to wear glasses, I announced *I'm going to cry.* Company drove up so I
delayed it. There are other things to cry about now. (~_^)

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