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Re: [IP] Anemia Question to Cheryl

Apparently I had been real anemic for a while, but the PCP I was going to 
never mentioned it except to make it sound really minor, because of my 
age/menses.  The first set of labwork that a new PCP ran (included CBC which 
includes Hemoglobin and hematocrit) he had me at the nephrologist the next 
day!  Many things the old PCP did made me dissatisfied with him, including 
constant tiredness that was brushed off. But it came to a head when he yelled 
at me when the pulmonologist prescribed Prilosec thinking morning wheezing 
may be GERD related night reflux, and at 35 yrs old and I complained about 
shoulder problems- he said "you're getting older, things are going to start 
slowing down"!  When the new doc sent me to physical therapy, frozen shoulder 
was to the point that out of 90 degrees rotation one direction, I only had 15 
degrees!  Firing that PCP was the best thing I ever did, considering that I 
had been so anemic that it took months of 10,000 units of Procrit a week to 
finally stabilize me!!!

I did learn one thing, always insist on copies of your labwork, no matter how 
much you trust your doc!  If I had looked at my labwork, I would have seen 
how anemic I really was!

aka Mouse
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