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[IP] Com Station Listing (CSL)

  I choose the MM 508 was because it could be downloaded. The information
could then be used with that of a meter and I could see just what, when, and
how to control my diabetes. That was over a year ago, and the wait goes on for
what was supposed to be available then as advertised. I've seen the com
station work and its great. The 508 is still my choice. I'm not getting what I
(we) paid dearly for. In the past year all kinds of developments have
occurred, the release of the "com station" was not one. It is in use in the
doctors office, for the "CGM", but I don't have a med degree, I have diabetes
and a "MM 508".
  To the point of this, Before the Christmas holiday I made comment about this
and was surprised at the response that I got. Their are a great number of you
that feel as I do. The com station should be released as advertised. It
doesn't do any good to have the ability and not the tool to use it.
  To focus attention on this, I am combining the voice those who also feel
that way, The "Com Station" should be available to all. This will add the
numbers of us together and maintain the individual privacy. A place to get
information on the progress of getting them to make it available to those of
us who use their product bought and paid for, not just a chosen few.
  To keep this from over loading the IP web site please write to me direct.
email @ redacted The information you send to me will not be released for
any purpose, I too, value my privacy.

Dan B.
email @ redacted
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