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Re: [IP] Interesting Company

Moira C. McCarthy wrote:
> The Company's initial product will
> be a disposable insulin pump designed to compete as the technologically
> superior, cost-efficient leader in the growing market of subcutaneous
> insulin infusion. The device will be a self-adhesive patch into which all of
> the components of a traditional, multipart insulin infusion system have been
> integrated. Because the product is replaced frequently, the device is
> exceptionally low-maintenance, requires no separate infusion kits and allows
> the patient access to the latest technological upgrades with each new
> device.

I'm pretty wary of such advertisements -- I can't imagine that a
disposable pump would be very sophisticated -- I think those are aimed
at Type 2's who need only one basal rate and don't need insulin with
meals. Not even all insulin-using Type 2's fit that description!

If the device is worn by using an adhesive patch, and needs no other
infusion set, it seems like it would only be worn for 3 days or so --
you're not going to throw away electronics even as simple as a
calculator THAT often!

Minimed is apparently working on a similar product -- and I guess there
must be a market for it, but I don't think Type 1's are it. 
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