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When I was ten and playing Little League bb, my parent
always took me to DQ after every game.  This was a few
years before bg meters were on market, so they did
this--just in case!  I had just played a game that had
gone 3 extra innings locked in a tie.  We headed for
DQ for my small cone and when we arrived I started
acting loopy.  My Dad sat me down and got in line.  My
Mom was trying to keep me awake in the booth.  She
kept asking me questions and finally, tiring of her
questions, I started talking back in my altered state,
calling her every imagineable "profane" word I knew at
the time.  She was sooo shocked, she smacked me.  By
this time my Dad had pushed to front of line saying it
was an emergency.  He brought me a coke and I started
crying, "I want my ice cream, not a d*** coke, I don't
like coke."  My Dad threatened me within an inch of my
life and said drink it or else.  I started drinking,
but still wailing, I wanted an ice cream cone. 
Everyone was staring, but I was oblivious.  My Dad
went back into line to get a cone while I was drinking
the coke, and people spread out and let him go to the
front, LOL.  So, he brings back the cone and I eat it
in like 30 seconds, finish the coke and laid my head
on the table.  We just set there for about 20 min.  I
finally came back around and asked, "When are you
gonna go get my ice cream?"  My Dad said, "You were
low, you've already had your ice cream."  I started
wailing, crying again, "But I don't remember eating
it, that's not fair, I want my ice cream."  My parents
led me out of DQ, still wailing in my dirty uniform
and cleats."  I never got over not getting my ice
cream:)  The next time we went to DQ after game, the
workers remembered us and opened a new window to wait
on my Dad-I wasn't low!!!  Oh, there are so many
stories like this, LOL.  I'm enjoying all of them
DX'd '76
Pumpin' 6 yrs

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