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When I was first married many years ago and on multiple daily injections, I
was trying to teach my inlaws and my husband's aunt how to give an insulin
shot.  I thought to myself, the best way to teach them is to have them give
me a shot.  My husband's aunt volunteered.  I filled the syringe, wiped my
arm with alcohol and showed her how to hold the syringe.  I always liked
inserting the needle with a swift straight on movement.  So I told her "Hold
it like this and just throw it in like you would a dart."  She picked up the
syringe and threw it at my arm letting go like she was actually throwing a
dart across the room into a dart board.  Of course the syringe brushed my
arm and quickly fell to the floor.  LOL  Oh well, I guess I did tell her to
throw it like a dart!  I just didn't mean to let go of it too.

Kathy G.
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