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[IP] re: awesome day/retinopathy

Hello all!
Can I add ANOTHER doc's opinion on retinopathy?
I had my annual eye exam 2/16.  He said there were no
diabetic changes inside the eyeball!  I felt elated & asked
if the little leaky blood vessels continue to grow & would I
ever experience laser treatments & surgery again?  
He said, no- laser stopped all that from happening.  They may grow
back a little, but not enough to interfere w/ anything.  YEA!!

But then he asked if Iwas ready for surgery to have my cataracts
WHAT????!?!?!!!!  WHOA!  SLOW DOWN DOCTOR!!!
I had been previously told they were
there, but at a very minor stage.  (I'm ONLY 44 yrs) I didn't know they
had progressed to a point needing surgery.  He said, "No no, it's
elective surgery.  If you can see to drive at night w/o the headlights
being a problem, then wait."

Vision changes seem so gradual that I guess we adapt then think
nothing's different after a while.  I really wonder what "normal"
people see that I must be missing!  Well, at least I don't see the
dust in the house... 8-)

I've learned so much from all of you & a big thanks to everyone!
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