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Ok here goes,
When my bf and I started dating I explained about hypos to him and 
how to treat them, what I didn't realize was he didn't quite get it . 
We were grocerry shopping on a hot July night . I was sweaty but 
blamed it on the heat. The intense headache I put off on the store 
which was packed. When I got dizzy it hit me just how low i probably 
was. I was getting a bit goofy. Things started getting a bit fuzzy. I 
told my bf I needed to eat right now. He told me not now I'm taking 
you out to dinner silly. We were next to the milk so I grabbed one of 
those little chocolate milks. I opened it and started drinking it. He 
started yelling at me for drinking it before paying for it and I 
started crying . I spilled some of it and slipped in it. By this 
point everyone was looking . A lady asked me if I was ok and helped 
me up and someone got a chair . I kept crying about the milk and she 
got another for me. She had spotted my bracelet (medic alert). By the 
time this was thru my boyfriend felt pretty bad and told me I had 
sounded ok until I fell. Now he knows eat now means eat now. 

Kayti, who never went back to that store

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