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okay.... i was talking with bob's wife tonight and we were talking about 
things that have happened in the past, especially spouses/significant others 
not knowing a lot about treating lows and doing silly stuff......... i 
thought it would be good for all of us to laugh NOW about things.... but i 
KNOW it wasnt funny at the time........
i was thinking maybe everyone could share something to make us smile and 
remind us of just how far we've come....... i know when these things 
happened, they were not funny and were an emergency, but in retrospect, i can 
think of some pretty silly things that i've seen, especially with people 
freaking out when i'm low!!  some of the funniest things i can think of is 
some of the foods people would try to give me when i'm low....... like tuna, 
eggs, WATER, cheese..........LOL
my poor boyfriend when i'm low gets like goofy....... he runs up and down the 
stairs with all this different stuff...... brings me cereal with no spoon, 
things like that.......
just could use a laugh... and a reminder of how great it is to be pumping and 
not have so many of those GOOFY lows  :O)
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