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[IP] talking with OB/Gyn

In a message dated 2/13/01 5:34:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I saw my Ob/Gyn today. We are still trying to get pregnant 
>  (hopefully this month will prove fruitful). But we were going over the 
>  changes that I'll need to make with the pump. We decided to keep 
>  the Humalin R going in the pump (not that it is a choice) Bolusing 
>  with both pump and Humalog pen. But he suggested that I might 
>  cut my nighttime basal in half and take the other half with NPH for 
>  coverage. 
 Has anyone who is/was pregnant 
>  done this? How successful was it?  I also get up on a  
>  regular basis and test between 2 and 4am. Is this really necessary?
>  Thanks
>  Gail
Hi Gail,
I'm finally reading my digests and wanted to respond to your questions.  I 
was on the pump for 2 of my pregnancies, only used the pump at night and 
never had a problem.  I find NPH too unpredictable and I liked being on 
Humalog only.  I just made sure I changed my sites during the day (preferably 
in the morning) so that I knew whether or not the site was good.  I also did 
get up almost every night between 2 and 4 am during the first trimester - I 
felt it was important to get a good idea of what my blood sugars were doing 
during the night.   However, during the "preconception phase", I did let 
myself sleep through some nights. Good luck!!!
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