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i had mc donald's today and looked in my carb counting bookie thingie and it 
only listed for a large fry which is huge but i had to eat it all so i could 
try to match with my bolus (only day 3 of pumping so i'm still 
figuring)...... i also had a cheeseburger....... so a total of 92 carbs!  
wow........ that's a lot!
so i bolused 6 units and did the square over 1/2 hour.......... two hours 
later I AM 82!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i'm sooooooo happy!  hopefully i wont go up 
later because of the fat in the fries.........
my sugars have been good, better than they have been in 16 years, the past 
three days.... my only complaint is the insulin working before the food..... 
still nervous to bolus when i START eating......... so i thought, hey, i'll 
just bolus all at once if i'm over 150, but if i'm under 150, i will do it 
squared over 1/2 hour..........
80's are a little low for me post pran as they say you should be at least 30 
over what you were premeal.......... but at least i'm not high!  i have a 
feeling the fries will come haunt me in a little bit  :O(
just wanted to share in my excitement  :O)
thanks for listening,
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