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[IP] Cold Medicines for Diabetics VENTING

This is actually, Donna, Carey's wife. Carey is sick for the first time since
he was first diagnosed with type 1 in December. Of course, not including the
upper respiratory infection/cold/DKA he had upon diagnosis. Just curious what
most people take for colds. The pharmacist was no help, as I am sure you guys
can probably imagine... Is there anything he can take over the counter that
works better than Robitussin? What about by prescription?

By the way, the first pharmacist I asked about cold medicine was totally
clueless. I specifically asked, "What cold medicine can he take with
diabetes?" He emphasized 3 TIMES that the medicine should not have sugar!!
DUHHHH I don't think 1 tablespoon is gonna kill 'em!! What is with these
people? I am so sick of stupid morons like this.... Then he told me, "If it
says not to take it on the label - don't take it." How very helpful...like I
didn't know that already... I just *assumed* that since he was a pharmacist he
would know right off the top of his head what he *could* take, without me
having to look at the labels of ten gazillion different medications.

2nd drugstore....I ask the same question. I am told he can take Sudafed!!!! I
knew that wasn't right, so I checked the label to be sure and went back and
told the girl, "You can't take this with diabetes!!" She gave me a dumbfounded
look and then said, "Well, I guess the only thing he can take is the Diabetic
Robitussin, then." GEESH!!

Next time I will not bother to ask anybody *anything* like this, because even
though my husband has only been recently diagnosed, I *still* know more than
just about any other stupid idiot out there....including his former general
practitioner...who must have been trying to kill him by giving him oral meds
for 2 weeks!!! I tried to tell her they were not working and that I thought he
was a type 1, but who listens to stupid little me?!?
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