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[IP] Minimed 511 / Glucowatch

I am very interested in learning more about the MiniMed 511.  Has anyone
heard anything about this?  I am not sure if this is the first version of
the continuous glucose monitor that shows scores all the time or if this is
the new version of the pump (or maybe both) but I am really eager to learn
more.  I used the continuous glucose monitor last week at my doctor's and
learned so much from the scores.  Very often, my blood sugar would lower
than I thought .. for up to two hours sometimes, it would be at 40! ..
before I noticed and treated it.  We fine-tuned my evening basel rate based
on this.

I am also trying the Glucowatch soon in a trial.  I am really eager for one
or the other to get approved so I can just look down and see my scores
easily.  As it is, I test 9-10 x daily because I fine-tune so much.  I know
I don't need to do this, but as my husband and I want to have children
eventually, it seems that to do as much help as possible in getting my hbA1c
down makes sense.

If anyone knows anything about either of these or has any comments about
when to expect that would be great.  I think the 511 is undergoing
widespread trials, but I can't find any doctors in the Bay Area who are
trialing this new pump.  If anyone knows of any please let me know!

best kelly
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