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Re: [IP] Which are you: Type I vs. Type II--Interesting Article!

email @ redacted wrote:
> I suspect that I'm really type 1.5, or perhaps what
> Natalie calls "type weird,"

Natalie describes herself as Type Weird because I really am. Some people
appear to be both (diagnosed as Type 1 as a child, or on the basis of
DKA, AND insulin resistant), but I appear to be neither -- I've done
well on a stable dose of insulin for 7 years now (except that it went
down when I started on the pump), and I don't seem to be insulin
resistant because a little goes a long way (on a NORMAL day, I take
about 25 units, on a pig-out day, I still take less than 35)

> but I habitually describe myself as type 1 

My doc has me down as Type 1, but I know darn well I'm not! But I agree:

> for various practical and political reasons:
> 2. I don't want to give any doctor the slightest
> encouragement to try to take me off insulin. 

Me too! The most hellish period of my life was when the doc was giving
me sulfonylureas, and they weren't working, and he kept upping the dose
every couple of weeks, and nothing was happening! Even ONE week is a
HELL of a long time when you can't get rid of the ravenous, icky,
groggy, sleepy, gotta pee feeling! (It was a total of 5 months by the
time I finally got on insulin, and another long time before I got things
adjusted to the point where I was feeling human again!) 
> 4. Functionally, I'm type 1: I have to take insulin.
> The therapy is the same.

I feel I have more in common with the Type 1's than the Type 2's. It's
true that I don't have the WIDE swings or immediate problems that Type
1's have, but the fact is that I don't feel well unless my BGs are under
control, and insulin works SO well. Plus I'm not obese, and didn't gain
weight on insulin -- I'm not at ALL interested in the oral meds, even if
they were offered to me. And I HATE the idea of watching my diet!!!!! 
> 5. Type 1's get more respect. (I'm not proud to admit
> that this is a motivation for me, but there it is.)

Agreed. Although they often don't KNOW they get more respect!!  :)
> But it's interesting, all the same. I never fit the
> typical profile of either type. It took me nearly 7
> months after diagnosis to start spilling ketones, (snip)
> For example, I've never EVER had a blood sugar
> over 340

Interesting! My personal highest ever was 357 -- that's when I insisted
on going on insulin -- the doc didn't argue! I'm sure it would have gone
higher if I hadn't started insulin, and I may have eventually ended up
in DKA, and I'm REALLY glad it didn't get that far!!!!
> I've since had a C-peptide test, and it showed that I'm
> still producing a very tiny amount of insulin, but such
> a small amount that the Rezulin pusher agreed that I
> would never be able to "get off insulin."

I HAVEN'T had a C-peptide -- I'm pretty sure it would be inconclusive,
and I don't want ANYONE to think I need to get off insulin! Insulin has
given me my life back! Now I have time and energy to worry about all the
little things!!!  :)

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