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Re: [IP] A Diabetic Wins in Court

At 12:27 PM 2/16/01 -0800, you wrote:
>One for the good guys!!!
>> FINALLY a diabetic wins against the law.  lol
>> Brian Carter

Let me share (briefly) an experience I had.  One October day, two years
after my insurance company refused to provide a pump (my CPI was useless
because CPI stopped selling supplies) claiming that insulin pump therapy
was not superior to Multiple Injection I lapsed into unconsciousness while
sitting at a traffic light in Atlanta.  Someone called the cops and (I am
told) a policeman arrived and looked into the cab of the pickup.  He later
stated that he saw that I was unconscious but had no clue as to what the
problem.  Then he noticed the Medic-Alert Bracelet on my right arm and
immediately called for an ambulance.  I regained consciousness in the
ambulance while a reassuring voice said "Don't worry Mr. Blakely, you're
going to be fine!"  I groaned and was overcome with shame that I had let
this happen.

Apparently the policeman followed the ambulance to the emergency room and
was there while I was being fussed over by the hospital personnel.  He
quietly and calmly asked the questions necessary to complete his report.
He made sure that I knew how to recover my vehicle from the pound.  He
asked enough questions to reassure himself that this was unusual for me and
that I wasn't in the habit of running low while driving.  In short, he did
his job and (I might add) did it well.  

I have nothing but positive feelings for that individual and my own, first
person, personal experience with law enforcement is positive.  Thankfully
the incident caused me to get really pushy about getting another pump and
within six months, I was a pumper again.  I have not had unexpected lows
(hypo unawareness) since.  I am able to detect the rare occasion when my BG
drops to the 60s and I treat it with juice/candy which I keep in the car.
By the way, there was candy and Coca-Cola in the truck when I lapsed into
unconsciousness.  I didn't have enough brain functioning to eat or drink

In short, this person has a high regard for law enforcement.  I have been
treated quite well by them and I am certainly grateful that they were
available when I needed them.  I just wanted to offer that as a balance for
what seems some gratuitous police bashing.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted
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