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[IP] re: Women only - above the age of 21

i wear my pump and just let it loose... it hasn't even gotten in the way.
my boyfriend is very knowledgeable in the area of "pumps" now...and
although at first he was very careful around the site and with the pump,
we've realized that vinnie (my pump) is very durable. he's fallen off the
bed, gotten sat on, the tubing has gotten tangled...nothing has ever
happened though. it's all been fine!
any other questions...feel free to ask.

Erinn (pumping 2 months, 1 week tomorrow)

>I have a personal question to the ladies of this list. 
>Ready......................................sex. No wise cracks!
>Where have some of you put the pump?
>I've been using the garter belt and clipping on there. Seems pretty good,
>it means I have to wear all time. You see my bloods sugars go up during and 
>after. So I need that pump to pump. 
>Any other suggestions or ideas.
>A very embarrsed 
- What matters most is how you see yourself -
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