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Re: [IP] Re:Calling out for advice and help

In a message dated 2/27/00 8:48:51 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

You did great for your first time of night time fats.  I really don't think 
it was the site, but rather the high fat content of the meal.  Only different 
thing I would have done would to be more aggressive with the first high at 
10pm, but that is easier to see in hindsight and I would have erred on the 
side of caution too not knowing what his reaction to fats would be.

Another idea for high fat night meals is to up the basal rate a little to 
compensate.  But any insulin adjustments are of course individual to each 
person.  Just keep your records and next time you'll have the info to know 
better what to do.

Hope he's doing better today!


<< Should I have done things different any 
 help would be great so the next time I will be more prepared as last night I 
 really felt like I did not know what to do and was worried about DKA..  >>

10:00pm  16.3 or 293.4 us
1:30 am  21.9 or 394.2    Bolused 2 units
2:15am   14.8    266.4
3:15am   15.2    273.6    Bolused 1 unit
4:15am   11.8    212.4
9:00am    9.4    169.2
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