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[IP] Re:Calling out for advice and help

Hi Everyone,
Well last night was my first panic attack on the pump for my son.Things have 
been so good really low numbers then wham really high. Iam sorry to ask this 
if it has been asked before but felt the need to ask because I do not know 
if I handled the situation right.It all started after we had been to Grande 
Prairie any way my husband told our son he could pick the place he most 
wanted to have supper at because it is the first time he could have what 
ever he wanted in 4yrs or so we thought!!We ended up at Pizza Hut but Ryan 
did not eat pizza he ate chicken wings and Poutine(fries,gravy,cheese) I 
knew this might not be a great idea for a meal but my husband said he could 
have anything he wanted then he had a little bit of ice-cream. They had no 
nutritional facts so there we were to guess. Had no clue for ice-cream or 
the putine as he has not ate this before.Anyway this is what happened.
10:00pm  16.3 or 293.4 us
1:30 am  21.9 or 394.2    Bolused 2 units
2:15am   14.8    266.4
3:15am   15.2    273.6    Bolused 1 unit
4:15am   11.8    212.4
9:00am    9.4    169.2
So I wonder was the site not working so well anymore or was it from such a 
fatty meal that he kept climbing and was so hard to bring down or was I way 
off with the bolus for the high sugar?At what point do you not bolus and use 
injection by needle?I stopped bolusing at 11.8 because I was afraid of 
giving too many then he would crash.Should I have done things different any 
help would be great so the next time I will be more prepared as last night I 
really felt like I did not know what to do and was worried about DKA.. Your 
help would be great.
Lori mom of Ryan
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