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Re: [IP] Gram scale whys and why nots?

Charisma wrote:

<<OK, I was just gonna ignore this, but it sems ot be a stream so I'll
ask.  Is there any reason we could'nt ignore this?  I mean, iff all he
ever eats are things that can be easily counted, rather than combo
choices, couldn't we just skip this part for awhile?
He prefers things he can identify and seperate CLEARLY! LOL
Those are REALLY easy to count! But I am wondering if I am missing
something here.>>

I use my gram scale for measuring and figuring carb amounts using a chart
found in the Pumpin Insulin Book (Same chart is also in Stop the
Rollercoaster).  This is helpful if you don't want the amount shown in the
carb charts.  For instance, the carb chart shows 1 cup of something=x number
of carbs.  I can put the amount I want on the scale, weigh it, then multiply
it by the factor for amount of carbs.  That way, I don't feel like I have to
eat an amount already decided by someone else.

Type 1 for 37 years....

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