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[IP] Animas Pump

Ok, I got the color brochure from Animas re:  their new pumps.  They show
two pumps, the R-1000 and the R-1000A.

For anyone who's interested in specs, here they are:

Size:  3.5" X 2.2" X0.7"
Weight:  3.5 ounces
Warranty:  4 years
Motor:  DC motor w/gear-reducer
Power source:  4 1.5v Silver oxide batteries, type 357 or equiv.
Pump Type:  Self-priming, piston driven, disposable cartridge.
Cartridge Capacity:  300 u of U-100
Basal Rate Profiles:  Up to 12 rates per basal program
Basal Programs:  4 different basal programs
Temp Basal Rate Override:  up to +/- 50% in increments of 10%, adjustable
periods of 0.5 hours to 12.0 hours

R-1000: Basal Rate Range:  0.1-4.95 units/hour in 0.05 u/hour increments.
Bolus:  (normal and extended): 0.1-9.5 u in 0.1 u increments
Audio Bolus:  0.1-1.9 u in 0.1 u increments or 0.5-9.5 u in 0.5 u

R-1000A:  Basal Rate Range:  0.1-9.9 u/hour in 0.1 u/hour increments
Bolus:  (normal and extended): 0.5-25 u in 0.5 u increments
Audio Bolus:  0.5-9.5 u in 0.5 increments or 1.0-19 units in 1.0 u

Alarms/Warnings:  Low battery, Dead battery, Occulsion, Near-empty
cartridge, Empty cartridge, Pump delivery error, Pump malfunction, Time-out
due to button inaction.

Displays:  (Multi-language, user selectable):  Current basal rate, Time,
Basal program in use, Last 12 boluses and time of delivery, Last 8 alarms,
Total daily delivery for last 5 days, Remaining insulin in cartridge, Error
code and description (when applicable).

For more info:  call 1-877-937-7867.

I'm waiting to hear from a rep to find out exactly when they will be
available for shipment.

Type 1 for 37 years...

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