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[IP] A serious question

"1. needing to make people understand that diabetes is a VERY serious
illness, which requires vigilance and accommodations


2. eliminating discrimination based on perception of diabetes as a
handicapping condition?"

Curt writes:

I think that the effort to decrease discriminations is by accommodation.
The discrimination comes from not accommodating.  Like, not building ramps
for wheelchair access.  Diabetes is a handicapping condition.  The trouble
is that it is often not seen as one.

As for pilots and such there is  medical approval needed whether one is
diabetic or not, so there is not discrimination.  And I think that there are
several pilots that are diabetic.

I don't see a mismatch to the two statements above.  People do need to
understand that diabetes is serious and requires accommodation to eliminate

Did I not understand you question?

Curtis Lomax

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