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[IP] RE:basals

<<We usually started with 25% less for adults, not 25% of the daily total. 
Some guidelines for children start with 40% less. If also calculated by wt, 
then 0.1 per pound, and the lower of the 2 calculations is a starting point. 

Actually, we could both be confusing a few people, so I need to add something 
Once the daily total insulin is reduced, then that amount is usually divided 
into 50 % for basal, then divided by 24 to get the units per hour. The 
remaining 50% is then available for bolus use for food eaten during the day. 
Some people using Humalog might need a 40% for basal and 60% for bolus, 
or vice-versa. YMMV. 
Barbara B.
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