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Re: [IP] Re: numb lips


No double vision but I used to get tunnel vision.  That was real scarey on 
two different occasions.  One time I was riding my motercycle and going along 
when I noticed the road had become real narrow and the side of the road 
looked like it had a drop off of about 12 inches.  I finally made a decission 
(Don't ask me how) to get off that road so I went off al the next place that 
I could have possibly pulled off and it was a gravel parking. I was still 
going about 35 miles an hour and skid all over the place and went down.  I 
ate candy, wiped the blood off and after my friends had recovered got back on 
and finished the trip.  Next day I felt like I had been run over by a simi.  
This of course was before the meter and the pump.  Soon after that I was 
driving my boat on a lake and suddendly the sides of the lake were getting 
too close for comfort but yet I knew I was in the middle of the lake.  I 
said, do the sides of the lake look like they are too close?  My s.o. grabed 
the candy and the steering wheel at the same time.  I've never forget those 
times.  I don't know if I don't go that low anymore or what but I've only 
ever had it on those two occasions.

Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping
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