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[IP] 5.6% - How I got that / Seven steps to achieve a good control.

Hello Mohammad - this is Jose from Orlando, FL. I saw your posting
and I've decieded to write you because three years ago I was exactly
like you: 33 NPH-injection, once a day. For me was terrible because
I could NOT predict what could happen: low, high, low, low, high, high.
So the doctor divided in two shots - 17 in the morning and 16 in the
evening. A little bit better, but yet not good enough, in another words -
"not good enough" means that it was bad. I used to test my blood
sugar level every... two months.

So I came to the USA and two months after, throughout the night, my
blood sugar level was 20... My wife called 911 and I went to the hospital.
Tests were done and my A1C was 6.8% in June/99. I started with
Humalog, through a scale and still shots twice a day. A little bit better
but lots of lows and highs, like a rollercoaster. I knew about the pump
and I got a 507C in October/99 - I was doing great. Knew about the
508's profiles and other features and so in December I changed to a
brand new 508.

In February I got a new A1C result, after 4 months pumping:


It was achieved by TESTING my blood sugar level 8 to 10 times a
day (when eating AND 1.5 hour after AND when feeling different),
AVOIDING eating big quantities of protein (meat, cheese), cleaning
the tubing air bubbles off EACH MORNING, CHANGING the infusion
site after 72 hour-using, SETTING the basal rates, ratios and blood
sugar level target well, PAYING ATTENTION for the carbohydrate
quantity and ENGINEERED forecast about the bolus throughout the
day. I developed a software that HELPS ME A LOT!!!

I was lucky for have met someone called Kathlyn at Central Florida
Pharmacy, herself a pump user and who adviced me the best doctor in
Orlando area, the doctor (Dr.Victor Roberts), and my insurance company
that covers everything (paid the pump cost and all needed supplies.

I could not achieve that, though, without my wife's support, patience and
love. She was (and is being) TERRIFIC! Thanks dear.

Go to the pump if you deciede to, Mohammad. Yesterday, for example,
I had pizza and chocolate pie for dinner. The blood sugar levels: 83 (after
1.5 hour), 83 (after 2.5 hours), 115 (after 5 hours), 105 ( after 8 hours)
and I woke up with 103. My target, right now, is 100. Even.

Yes, I got the pizza crust-carbohydrate quantity through the package
(32 carbos for half unit, so as I got an entire one, I had 64 carbos), as
well as I got the chocolate pie information through the package (1/8
has 44 carbos), so I had 64+44=108 carbos at dinner. My blood sugar
was 77 ( I was tired... we went shopping, wlaked a lot and I needed to
change the car's spare tire), so I calculated my personal bolus and
everything was ok.

So my dear friend Mohammad, go to the pump. You will like the freedom
that it gives us, as well as the results

email @ redacted


mohammad ali  shams haeri <email @ redacted>

I am living in the city Esfahan in Iran and I have been diabetic for 8
I am 52 years old and every day I inject insulin, NPH, 33 units once in the

mohammad ali shams haeri

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