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[IP] Right/Left Brain

In a message dated 2/19/00 10:52:42 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
Also, I tend to slide into a sort of bizarre sense of humor -
 laughing at things I wouldn't ordinarily find all that funny..

So, this is your state of mind w/ lows, yet Kap seems to have opposite signs:
high - giggly
high - sloppy hand writing
high - Dizzy - due to laughing most likely
high - hunger - I think that is a normal sign of high - but what is normal 
high - can not concentrate - will fail a test  - ? being write your name
low - calm - quiet
low - neat hand writing
low - reserved with thought process - makes decisions carefully
low - does not want to eat - again a normal sign
low - can and does pass a test with flying colors.
Could this be due to the fact, Kap is very creative (sees irony in ordinary 
life),  musically talented, 12th grade language skills in 2nd grade and an 
expressionist (action and words) An author, actor, politician, preacher, or 
used car salesman in the making.
Therefore, if you are a right brain thinker your highs or lows might be the 
opposite of a left brain thinker.
Thanks for Listening!
Darlene - Logical Thinking Mom to Creative Thinking Kap - age 9 pumping
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