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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

At 05:41 PM 2/28/1999  Jack Granowski wrote:
>>That is much better than what they told me 5 1/2 years ago.  They said
>>NO swimming, showering, etc.  I was in the pool for an hour, and that is
>>considered 'brief', and I wouldn't have had to immediately jump out and
>>disconnect?  When you say 'probably' that would mean there is no chance
>>of a problem, or a small chance that someone would be without a pump for
>>2-3 days (no replacement)?

>5 1/2 years is a long time in pump development. 

Are mm's 'water resistant'?  Can someone go into a pool with impunity? 
My understanding that the difference from the original 507's to the
507c's had nothing to do with the water tightness.  And whenever anyone
brings up the water safety of d's, no one ever answers that mm's are
just as safe to submerge.  Is this well known?  Besides the square bolus
and the colors what changes were made?

>I don't know what the 
>time-limit in the pool would be, since I don't have any personal experience 
>to base it on. (Just curious, wouldn't the Disetronic have the same problem 
>if the rubber plug was not installed?) 

No, water in the cartridge area does no harm.  I did not have the
tappets in for that hour and had zero problems and have heard others on
this list who don't always use the tappets.  It would be best to clean
it afterwards, but will not hurt anything as it's just plastic and glass
in there.

>Also, I don't think it would take 
>2-3 days to get a MM replacement, if it was damaged... from what I 
>understand, overnight is pretty typical.

I don't want to be, and haven't been, without my pump for more than a
half an hour.

>>I have been showering, swimming, etc., for 5 1/2 years everyday with
>>absolutely no problems.  If mm can match that, they should really
>>advertise it, as that, and a spare, are the major reasons that I have
>>seen on this list, and others, that many choose d.

>I think that with the development of the quick-release sets, that showering 
>is a non-issue. It takes less than 2 seconds to disconnect. And, many 
>people disconnect (or suspend their pump) for swimming anyhow, since their 
>BGs drop during exercise.

I don't like the quick release sets (the rapids work better, for me) and
found that when I had them I didn't disconnect for a shower anyway.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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