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[IP] My first BIG scare in years

This morning i had my first big scare of D.
It started Early (4am) at work when i started to have a reaction and i
corrected for it like i always do and my sugar straighted out.  (every
sunday me and a friend eat breakfast/lunch i call him he wakes up and comes
over)  This morning after i called him i decided to take a little nap until
he got here (since i was very tired from working the night before) and i
kicked back and went to sleep.  My friend made his way into my house and he
said he tried to wake me and said it was difficult but i did wake up, a few
minutes after waking up i felt like i had a small reaction but nothing
major  when i checked my sugar it was 30... when i go low when asleep i
always wake up around 60 and eat something ...  with it only being 30 this
time and seeing that i did not wake up to catch it it scared me (and my
friend).. has anyone had this same thing happen.. or if you are very tired
not notice a reaction happening?

Brian Carter
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