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Re: [IP] Help with Silhouettes, Please?

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi Everyone:  Basically, I'm afraid of it!  Wanted to insert one this morning,
> sat there and stared at it for 15 minutes and decided to go ahead and try the
> Sof-set QR and yell HELP!  It takes me usually two tries to get the Sof-set in
> a good spot (expensive!) as I don't have much padding.  MiniMed sent me 6
> Silhouettes to try.  That needle scares me to death!  I want to use it on my
> next set - suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks you so much!  
> Now into my second week of pumping and loving every minute. Joanne Mc

Well if you are an incredible chicken, you could as your endo for a tube 
of Emla Creme. However, I suggest you put 3 ice cubes in a baggie and 
hold them on the insertion spot for 3-5 minutes before you clean and 
insert. My daughter does this (for injections too) and says it works real 
well. I've only done it cold turkey.

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