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[IP] Cobra Ripoff?

Hello All,

Having just turned 23, i had to enroll in a Cobra plan at my father's
work until i graduate from College in June.

The local union sent me a letter listing all of the associated costs for
medical, dental, and vision plans back in Jan.  It totaled ~$212 per

I sent my first payment in last week.  Yesterday i get a coupon book and
a hand-written memo from the benefits department informing me that their
Cobra rates increased to $265 as of October 1st '98.

Am i missing something here?

My father did confirm that a new plan was put into place as of 10/1/98,
but i still feel cheated, considering that this letter was sent to me in

I live in Pennsylvania.  Is there anyone to turn to that is supposed to
monitor these plans?  Or should i just lay back and be run over by big



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