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Re: [IP] Help with Silhouettes, Please?

In a message dated 99-02-28 15:14:53 EST, you write:

<< Basically, I'm afraid of it!  Wanted to insert one this morning,
 sat there and stared at it for 15 minutes and decided to go ahead and try the
 Sof-set QR and yell HELP!  That needle scares me to death!  I want to use it
on my
 next set - suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks you so much!  
This might be long......

If you are intimidated by the length of the insertion needle, try this... turn
it over and look at the back side of it. About half of the lenght of it
(actually, less than half) will be inserted into you. It doesn't go straight
in, but at an angle. When you take the clear protective cover off the
insertion needle, it will look even shorter. If you can give an insulin
injection at an angle, then you can insert the Sil. Once inserted, and taped
in place, pinch the sides and pull the needle straight out, hook up the
infusion set, bolus to clear the line  (it is only about 0.7 to 1.0 bolus),
use what the literature says to bolus. Alos, look at the clear round area in
the center of the top side of the tape. When the set is inserted properly, the
actual length under your skin BEGINS where the white tape portion shows. It
isn't really as intimidating as it looks, when you think about it. Waste
one...tear it apart...pull off the needle protector and the paper on the
tape....pull the needle out and look at what is left to be under your skin. 
Good luck.
Barbara B.
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