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Re: [IP] sara claws

>If your (or anybody else) visits Salt Lake,
>the Banbury Cross donuts are on me <g>.

Hey!! I'll be landing in Salt Lake, the afternoon of March 7th from 
Portland. I'll be on my way to Provo, but a donut (or two) would be nice, 
to perk me up... wanna toss me one as I pass through??  Delta doesn't feed 
you anymore... just a bag of peanuts and a soda.  :-)

BTW my company HQ is in Provo and I'll be there for a week of training, 
socialization and other similar fun stuff. I'll be coming back home Friday 
evening (the 12th). Since I'll be driving between the Salt Lake airport & 
Provo, I hope it doesn't snow. This will be my first trip to Provo with my 


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