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[IP] Re: calculating/ 2nd topic airport security

I'm new to the list so you've probably hashed this over. Deb mentions testing
out the pump at airport security without a hitch.  I've traveled the skies a
lot with my pump and only had it set off one airport security alarm.  No
problem when I showed them the pump and they waved their magic wand over it.
Before I left the area another security person who was curious about the pump
came over to ask a few questions.

However, I have had security people literally yell at me from a distance to
take my "pager" off and once had to just stop a whole line of passengers for a
schreecher till she stopped talking long enough for me to show her that it
wasn't a pager and I was kind of "attached" to it.

Nowadays when I travel by air I always have the pump on my waist so that I CAN
get to it without, uummmm, disrobing in public if I have to.  HOWEVER, I also
have it where it's not in plain sight so that I'm not yelled at to take the
"pager " off.   PS most of the security guys are nice and do a great
job...remember, they're trying to keep us safe.

Happy pumping  Linda
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