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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

>Sam, I agree with your points except # 6.  I have not found that local support
>is essential.  Others may disagree, but I have gotten great support with my
>disetronic pump from Minneapolis, which is 1000 miles away.

Yes, this is definitely a YMWV situation. I threw that one in because a lot 
of people are hands-on learners, especially during a time when they are 
very anxious about making such a major change in their diabetic treatment. 
They really feel better if they have someone physically there to show them 
and help them with the initial steps. If this is important to you, then 
having local support is vital. After the initial learning curve, the 
support from the pump company becomes even more important. We all learn 
differently, so base your decision on the issues that are crucial to you.


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