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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

Sam, I agree with your points except # 6.  I have not found that local support
is essential.  Others may disagree, but I have gotten great support with my
disetronic pump from Minneapolis, which is 1000 miles away.  I have only
needed support twice in 3 years, but I was able to talk quickly with a
technical person and got very satisfactory results.  The technical people are
much more helpful than the usual local sales reps.  At our support meetings,
there are usually a couple of minimed reps, but they can't really answer the
difficult questions like the technical people can.  I have heard what you say
about local reps many times on this site, but I just don't find that I need a
rep. living next door.  I am bringing this up because there are so many more
minimed reps in the U.S. than disetronic reps and I don't want people to get
the impression that having a rep close is essential.  Of course, as usual,
YMWV.  ellen
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