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[IP] even though I'm new to the list.....

Hi, not sure if I should be putting in my  .02 so soon, but here goes....
I've been on MM pumps for 12 years.  So, it's very comforting to hear the clicking of a bolus and the periodic basal clicks.  I actually notice the clicking slowing down before the high pressure alarm goes off or the clicking stop altogether for another alarm (I find I'm praying for it not go off, when it does 2 seconds later). 
Kathy, with the first serious pump glitch- I've had a similiar problem and called MM.  They gave me a technical explation for how it happened, but I don't remember it, something about suction in the syringe.  But I do I have a solution.  At their recommendation, I always move the plunger up and down in the syringe before putting air in the bottle and continuing with the set up.  This seems to help.  I also now, after 10 years of not, replace the syringe everytime I change set ups.  Hope this prevents another weird event.
I wish when I was 15 on the pump, my Mom and Dad had this list.  This is great!
ps When I first went on the MM pump, I'd been thrown in a pool and it survived, even though I almost had heart failure over it.  My friends don't do that anymore, they worry about my heart.