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Re: [IP] Facilitating Weight Loss using Glucophage??

Harry Trifonas wrote:
> At my latest Endo appt., she recommended maybe using Metformin to help
> lose more weight since it helps in reducing insulin resistance, thus
> lowering overall needs.  

Well, not exactly. Metformin stops the liver from introducing too much
glycogen in the effort to counterbalance the normal insulin system that
you no longer have. It's said to help insulin resistance somewhat, though
some argue that conclusion, but in any case that's a secondary effect at 

I scoffed at the idea because the whole reason
> i got the pump was to level out my readings (it has!) and the thought of
> going onto unpredictable Type 2 meds seemed to be counterintuive to that
> goal.

Actually Metformin isn't really JUST a Type 2 med. It's being used successfully
for certain Type 1s that can't seem to get under control with just insulin.
I know, I was in the prototype group that took Phenformin, a related pill, from
'62 to '75. It smoothed out my until then uncontrollable bg incredibly well,
as far as we could tell, since bg meters weren't yet available. Of course I 
AM a Type 1, and wasn't taking it for weight loss when I was a growing 12 
year old....
> Although i have lost only 11 lbs (out of 30-40 that i want), i have not
> been able to lower my daily insulin needs below about 75 per day;
> (~50/50 basal:bolus).  The use of Metformin might actually have some use
> to me after-all.  

True, most people that can use it successfully find it lowers insulin needs
some 40% or more.

> Questions:
> Does this regimen make sense IF & when i see the need to pursue it
> further?

Yes, it probably makes sense NOW.

> Are there any pumpers out there currently using such a regimen
> (successfully)?
> Are the associated gastro-intestinal problems very severe across the
> board?  Do they level off after prolonged use?

It's best to start with an extremely low dosage and increase it slowly 
over some stretch of time. That seems to avoid the problems for many, 
though SOME people may find it still upsets the system too much for
unknown particular reasons. Only way to find out is to try, unfortunately.

> Does the Metformin spike like Humalog/Regular/NPH?

It really doesn't spike noticeably, though it seems to be most effective 
when taken at the proper time for YOU. Soe do better with it taken during 
a meal, some before, some after.

> Or does it act as a blanket dosage throughout the day
> (Lente/Ultralente)?

Sort of. Remember though that the action is suppression of glucose rise, 
rather than clearing the glucose into your cells, so they can't be looked
at in the same light.
Ted Quick
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