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[IP] FW: new profile

hi Michael, here's my new profile!
the address below doesn't seem to work?

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> From:	Shaughnessy, Kelly (RSCH - SF) 
> Sent:	Saturday, February 27, 1999 7:12 PM
> To:	'email @ redacted'
> Subject:	new profile
> I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I've been diabetic since 1986 and
> since summer, 1998 and I've been the proud owner of a MNMD 507C.  I've
> been
> a member of this list since shortly before that -- the list was
> instrumental
> in helping me decide [quickly!] that i wanted a pump!  My life has changed
> immensely since going on the pump and I absolutely love it.  Presently,
> I'm
> very eager to try Minimed's new continuous glucose monitor because I think
> it'll be very helpful in fine-tuning my basel rates.  I'm always trying
> for
> a lower hbA1c!   
> For my work, I research medical technology companies. Many of these have
> diabetic products and segments which is quite exciting. I'd like to keep
> this group updated about different products, etc.  If you have any
> questions
> in this area, or you want any details on the pump, let me know!
> Take care, and thanks for listening in!  The power of the net is
> incredible,
> isn't it?
> Kelly L. Shaughnessy
> Merrill Lynch Fundamental Equity Research
> (415) 274-8294
> (415) 274-8255 (fax)
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