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Re: [IP] Medisense (Precision QID) service

On 27 Feb 99 at 0:59, email @ redacted wrote:

> The representative told me about the rebate, but said he would bypass all of
> that trouble by sending out a meter for my dad free of charge. He said he
> would include a postage paid return envelope to send in his old One Touch to
> them. On top of that, he said that if he was in my situation, he would want a
> new meter for himself too. So he's sending one to me as well! He told me that
> if I still had any of my old meters I should send one in, but not to worry
> about it otherwise. They're being sent out FedEx, and we'll have them by
> Monday afternoon. All at no charge! I realize that they're going to make a
> bundle from test strip sales, but this is going above and beyond good customer
> support in my opinion.

Most of the meter companies are finally "getting the picture" and realizing 
that the meters cost essentially nothing compared to the cash flow that comes 
from strip sales.  The manufacturing cost for the meters isn't all that much, 
especially when it can be repaid in the first couple of months that a person 
uses their meter...

Randall P. Winchester
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