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Re: [IP] pump wars(syringe not very secure)

On 26 Feb 99 at 20:17, email @ redacted wrote:

> If anyone using a MM507 and QR sets would disconnect from your site and watch
> closely at the needle on the end of the tubing while gently moving the syringe
> in your pump and see if any insulin comes out of the tubing.I would like to
> know if this is a common problem.I have had 2 pumps and they both do the same
> thing.

Only way I can make anything come out of the QR end is by using excessive force 
to wiggle the syringe...  when the clip over the Leur lock is in place and the 
drive arms are down it doesn't leave much room for wiggling.  I've also spent a 
lot of time playing with my boys since I got the pump and haven't had any 
problems with the door popping open or any other similar things...  I've had it 
knocked off my belt several times with no bad results...

Randall P. Winchester
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