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Re: [IP] Am I calculating this right?

In a message dated 99-02-27 17:18:55 EST, you write:

<< .if I had the low of 36...even with the glucose tabs and the
 correct bolus for the lunch...I would have a rebound high bg
 later...from the original low...so now what?   >>
Best thing to do in this situation is to correct for the low, cover the meal,
and test BG 1 and 2 hours after eating...do not bolus for anything that is
above your post meal target BG until you get to the next meal. I think the
bigger isssue of most concern is why were you low in the first place and plan
to correct the problem before it happens again. Is your basal rate too high?
Have you basal tested the overnight time frame? I suspect not, if only on the
pump for one day. However, if you have a low on arising, or a low BG before
any meal, then the likely problem is the basal rate, especially if you rule
out any exercise, and rule out any bolus for high BG, or rule out too much
bolus for a previous meal. If you have Pumping Insulin, now is the time to
review troubleshooting low BGs.  Also, if you have a low, treat it until you
are at least at a normal BG range. 
Barbara B.
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