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Re: [IP] P.S. Clicks and beeps

The MiniMed pump does click whenever it delivers insulin.  It delivers 
insulin .1 units at a time.  So, if you bolus 1.0 units of insulin, you 
will hear 10 clicks as the pump delivers the dose.  The machine will 
alarm if insulin is not being delivered due to an occlusion in the line 
or an empty reservoir.  MiniMed actually has many different alarms...I 
have a whole list of them right here.

A square bolus and an injection of insulin one hour after eating is not 
exactly the same thing.  What the square bolus does is take the dosage 
you entered to be delivered as a "square" dose and it spaces the 
delivery of .1 units evenly over the amount of time you specify for the 
square wave to be delivered.

Pumping for one month-->


<< have just read the that clicks in the MM let you know that it's 
working. Isn't there an alarm that sounds in both if insulin is not 
being delivered? Also, instead of the dual or square wave bolus, would 
the same effect be to give yourself an additional bolus after an hour or 
two when eating a long meal or a meal with slow digestion?   Thanks 
again.  Ronee>>

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