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[IP] My first serious pump glitch

BP (Before Pump), most of my problems were with serious lows, due to
overtreatment (I hated those headaches from highs and the roller
coaster). Now I see the AP problems are more likely occcasional highs
frompump problems....This week on Tuesday night I was about 230 at
bedtime, which I attributed to a fat-laden hotdog at dinner. In the am I
tried to bring it down but couldn't so I realized something was up. I
had changed the entire apparatus the day before and I had, for the first
time, not injected air into the insulin vial, and so I attributed my
high BS's to bubbles  that had crept in. (MEanwhile I gave myself 3
units with a syringe, which helped.) Then I tried to change the tubing
only, got a system error (?), corrected that, then changed the entire
apparatus- cartridge, insulin, tubing, etc. Pushed air into the vial as
I had always done previously. STILL couldn't get the sugars down! Next
am I woke up with chest pain, breathiness, sugars at 280, went up to
352, bolused 4 units, injected another 4 units with a syringe. Took pump
off, tested to see if insulin was coming out- I saw 2 drops for 2 units.
No leaks, either. Went to Immediate Care, was pronounced okay otherwise-
Gave myself another injection in anticipation of Very Important Meeting
with book publisher, decided to change tubing onemore time and this time
I bolused 2 units again (in the air) to check if it was working- and
THIS TIME, 5 to 6 drops came out the end of the needle (I use Rapids 6
mm). Now, that seemed encouraging, comparatively speaking, of course--
and it did solve the pump problems. I inserted the needle and turned it
on. (a good friend came by later to help with kids and dog and dinner
and dishes- I crashed at 8 pm) But the mystery is this: I had already
changed the tubing three times, the reservoir once, and it seems that I
shoudl have gotten out any air by the second change. I shoudl mention
that I am deeply religious about checking for air bubbles- having had
thatproblem briefly once before in January- So I flick for what seems
like hours to get ALL the bubbles out- and I allow the insulin to warm
up first from the 'frig.

But diabetes be dammed....I have important mountains to climb (including
proposing a book about dams) so I am refuse to let this stupid disease
rule my life. But I thought that it was important to tellpeople what
happeend, to learn from it myself, and maybe prevent a future episode.

kathy dx 1992 "gestational"
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