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[IP] Hoping for a pump

Hi all!  I had written to my insurance company about coverage for a pump for
my son (15yo with IDDM since 8/91).  I got a letter today from them stating
there are no restrictions or special requirements- just ask the physician to
prescribe the pump, get it and send in reimbursement forms as necessary.
Also, the mail order pharmacy we are required to use carries pump supplies.
Next step- appointment with dietician for more intensive instruction in carb
counting.  Next doctor's appointment in May.  Hope to have Josh on the pump
this summer!  I'm sure I'll have lots of questions.  I've learned a lot from
'eavesdropping'.  Wish us luck!! Also, someone wanted to know if there is
anyone from KY or Southern Indiana- we are.  Tried to see Miss America
Thursday night in New Albany, but couldn't get seats.
Annette (RN, Louisville,KY) 
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