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Re: [IP] Medisense (Precision QID) service

    We just downloaded Melissa's QID meter & although I'd been telling her
that it seemed like she was "high" an awful lot at school before lunch, no
amount of "mommy nagging" could have as much of an impact as seeing it
"graphically" displayed on screen - whether as a pie graph with a HUGE portion
color-coded for HIGH, or as a data print-out with the word HIGH or as a
"connect the dots chart with a preponderance of dots ABOVE normal ranges,
there was no escaping the obvious!!!....Either time for another morning basal
fast, or time to alter her am ratios even further downward.  I had heard of
another teenaged girl who required a 1:5 ratio at breakfast.  We've downscaled
from 1:10, to 1:9 to 1:8 to 1:7, but obviously still aren't there yet!!! The
software for the QID by the way runs around $120 I think, but a friend had it
covered by insurance.  Since we were paying $45 monthly to see our CDE whose
software also produced these revealing charts, I figure we're now ahead of the
initial investment!
    Lastly, for the "newbies", Melissa has been pumping for nearly 3 yrs now
(since she was 13) & her latest A1C was 6.9...nonetheless, I liken her use of
the pump & all it's capable of doing to MY use of the VCR.....I KNOW it can do
more than just play rented videotapes, but haven't bothered to avail myself of
all of its other features. Likewise, Melissa does NOT adjust for exercise,
etc. the way the more diligent adult pumpers do, BUT if this is "as good as it
gets for now", I'm satisfied.  I had heard far too many "horror stories" about
disenchanted teens neglecting their self-care to NOT be satisfied that she's
THIS compliant - for now. Hopefully, as she matures, etc. she'll be more
inclined to "fine tune" her care.

Regards, Renee
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