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Re: [IP] Medisense (Precision QID) service

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999 00:59:30 EST, email @ redacted wrote:

> Matt,
My name is Helen and my son is 11.  Would you please send the phone Number
to the QID rep., so I might contact them.  In the area we live we are not
able to find the meter.  I would love to be able to download the chart
everyone seems to be talking about.  Ryan has a lot of lows.  It seems when
he gets nervous he goes low instead of high.  Unfortunately this happens
alot in school.  Then he has to deal with the rebound. I feel it would be
helpful for him to see what his numbers actually look like on paper.  Not to
mention, helping his teachers to understand.  Thank You,
My e-mail address is email @ redacted

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