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Re: [IP] Medisense (Precision QID) service

   My 16 yr old daughter also prefers the Precision QID because it's so
portable, and now that we obtained the software, she can download it on her
computer & print out all sorts of clever-looking charts. My favorite is the
one that has dots all over showing all the readings for the previous 125 times
she checked. When you click on any one particular dot, it "connects" all those
from the same day with a yellow line. In case anyone ever wondered what
"rebounding" from a low looks like, it's right there zig-zagging all over the
screen!!! And I agree about the foil-wrapped strips, having done that "oops
forgot the One Touch strip bottle again dance" too many times in past years!

Regards, Renee (pump-mom-coach to Melissa - pumping 3 yrs/dx'd 
                                            6 1/2 yrs ago)
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