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RE: [IP] pump wars

> As long as you recognize that the sources here are
> very biased and you try to look at both sides
> honestly, then you can make a rational choice. Just
> make sure, however, that you are dealing with real
> facts, not just personal opinion (which may or may not
> be true).

Sam I agree with you in that all opinions expressed are those of a personal
nature, but some of us are able to express our opinions based upon the use
of both pumps.

As I have both a MM 507 & A D HTron Plus v-100. My preference happens to be
based upon the factual insulin delivery system.  20 pulse of insulin per hr
as opposed to a varied rate dependent upon basal.  More consistent insulin
delivery = more consistent BGs.

Further, the difficulty with MM as a company has resulted in me, choosing D.
These problems, though, I must admit resulted in a letter from A.E. Mann's
office to address them.  WOW, I felt special.

Just my humble opinions......


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