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[IP] Medisense (Precision QID) service

I went to a couple of drug stores tonight to help my father (also a type 1)
pick out a new meter. He still has the old One Touch II, at least three times
the size of my QID. We didn't find any rebates that hadn't expired, and found
5 out of 6 of the meters at a local Walgreens with expired test strips
(manager was very appreciative when I pointed this out).

Since my father didn't have a prescription for a meter and would have had to
pay full price, we didn't buy anything. The price varied from $70-80. When I
got home, I called the MediSense customer support number from the back of my
meter to ask about rebates, and to find out what happens when the battery
dies. I found out that they will replace the pump for free, and that it should
last for about 4 years or 4000 tests (a lot less than 4 years for most of us).

The representative told me about the rebate, but said he would bypass all of
that trouble by sending out a meter for my dad free of charge. He said he
would include a postage paid return envelope to send in his old One Touch to
them. On top of that, he said that if he was in my situation, he would want a
new meter for himself too. So he's sending one to me as well! He told me that
if I still had any of my old meters I should send one in, but not to worry
about it otherwise. They're being sent out FedEx, and we'll have them by
Monday afternoon. All at no charge! I realize that they're going to make a
bundle from test strip sales, but this is going above and beyond good customer
support in my opinion.

This is one great company! The thing I really like about the QID is that it is
one of the only meters that has foil-wrapped strips, which are much more
portable than the vials for users without a purse or bag to carry them in. I
simply put several strips in my wallet and the tiny QID next to my wallet in a
back pocket, and I'm set to go. Hopefully I'll be adding a D pump in my front
pocket soon.....

Matt Braun
24 years old, Type 1 since 1993
Currently on MDI w/ H & U.
Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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