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[IP] new adhesive for Minimed

We too have been having problems with Amy's newest batch of Sof-Sets and their
adhesive - corners come off easily and curl until it loosens all the way. This
happens with each set, though not bad enough to cause a problems except 1 time
when the adhesive curled enough to stick to her undies and yank the infusion
set out when she tried changing clothes. She's never had any problems before
this batch. Our CDE did say MiniMed had a bad batch, and just to call them and
tell them you are having problems and the batch # on the box. She said they
have been sending out replacement boxes. We haven't felt the need (yet!), so
that's all the info I have for you. Good luck!
Sue Tappendorf
mom of Amy, 12, pumping since June '98
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